What is Ki Shiatsu?

Shiatsu, a part from it’s many therapeutic benefits, is an amazing treatment that assists deep relaxation and calms the nervous system. By treating the meridians as you would in acupuncture, Shiatsu therapy utilises the whole hand and fingers, especially the thumbs, feet and elbows to ‘massage’ specific points of the body. Its far less intrusive than acupuncture, and is particularly good for those who don’t like needles..

I offer treatments in Coogee. Home and Corporate visits are available on request. 

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“So what can Ki Shiatsu help with?” you ask!

Treatments are unique to every client, depending on what’s going on for them. But here is a list of just some of the things that it can treat and support :

– Relaxation
– Muscle aches
– Headaches and Migraines
– Digestive problems
– Anxiety
– Reproductive Disorder
– Arthritis
– Emotional issues
– And countless others

After working on food series; “Your Food Your Medicine”, I developed a keen interest in aspects of oriental health and psychology. I also had a healthy love for receiving massages and acupuncture; my body always responding well to meridian treatments.. Anyway.. one thing lead to another and I found myself at the Shin Sen Dojo in Sydney spending years of training in Ki Shiatsu, Macrobiotics (see macrobiotics page), and the Japanese martial art Aikido. These art forms each compliment each other, and have given me a way of living to stay a centred and balanced human being. (Much needed in the world of film production) Giving shiatsu is as much a practice for me, as it is a treatment for you.

I have offered treatments at various festivals and events, as well as in house treatments for TaikOz and Cisco. My producing skills have come into play in the festival environment where I have helped manage the healing space.. I just love it when worlds collide.