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Every-‘body’ has a story. For well over two decades I have worked with stories particularly as a producer spending countless hours understanding the stories of places, people and brands;- filming them, creating websites to promote them, supporting and fleshing the ideas around them and giving them life. It has given me the privilege to travel, to meet different people and understand the world which I take great joy in.


It is no secret that stories of people and place hold emotion through their own unique journey. My own personal journey of self-discovery lead me to the study of shiatsu and macrobiotics including food as medicine. This has gifted me a new medium to discover the stories of people, and working with individuals to ‘read’ the story that their mind and body holds. Born from ancient oriental wisdom, the language of the meridian body reveals the story of our body that are ready to be released in support of us in living our big (macro) life (bios).


I’ve learnt that the body doesn’t lie. And as a story-teller, I find great joy in listening to the meridians, learning through the 5 elements and seasons that the body holds a story ready to be unravelled.


Finally my worlds collide..

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